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Clintonville School District
Clintonville, WI

The Clintonville School District recently received a $41,587 incentive check from Focus on Energy. The incentive check was presented during the May 14th, 2018 board meeting. Nicole Zaidel - energy consultant with Focus on Energy, and Jeremy Bellile - Owner of BNH Lighting, LLC, presented the incentive check.


In December of 2017, Bellile met with the school district to discuss concerns related to existing lighting in the high school and explained the advantages of replacing their current T8 lighting systems with energy efficient LED fixture technology. BNH Lighting, LLC was contracted to conduct a detailed audit of every room within the high school structure, including the exterior lighting, comparing the existing equipment to currently available state-of-the-art LED lighting technologies. BNH Lighting, LLC designed a high efficiency, cost effective lighting solution to eliminate the T8 system which allowed most of the existing lighting fixtures to be upgraded (retrofitted) rather than replaced. 

After the designed solutions were agreed upon, the project was bid by multiple electrical contractors. Durie Electric, Big Falls, provided the most competitive bid and was awarded the installation contract.

Occupancy sensors and day-lighting controls were included to further reduce energy costs, by turning lighting off in unoccupied situations or day-lit spaces. 

The overall lighting project was implemented from March to May 2018. During the installation process, a Clintonville High School teacher commented that the new lighting in their classroom has had a positive impact. Over the past years they had not been able to turn all the lights on in the classroom, as some of the fluorescent bulbs/fixtures emitted a high-pitched whine. The noise was a distraction for students. In addition, the fluorescent lighting caused issues with some students' vision and ocular migraines. The new lights now emit a 'softer' light that contributes to a more pleasant learning environment in the classroom.

This project generates $48,078.28 per year in energy savings.

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New London School District
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